About N-SIDE

N-SIDE’s ambition is to grow as a firm by making optimization tools more widely-used in the business world and contributing to a more intelligent and efficient allocation of human and natural resources.

N-SIDE is a management consulting firm focusing on

  • Solving complex top management issues
  • By implementing integrated software solutions
  • Based on modeling and operations research
  • To enable optimal decision-making

We have applied this approach to almost all levers of business value creation:

  • Reducing waste of resources and cash costs
  • Increasing speed
  • Increasing quality / usability
  • Reducing investments
  • Reducing risks

Our clients

Major, global firms with headquarters all around the world.
N-SIDE achieves the highest impact with those clients who have already embarked on a more analytical, fact-based approach to their business and who realize that further optimization to reach the next level of performance requires a more fundamental, integrated and systematic approach.

Our consultants

Our consultants and software engineers combine a advanced specialization in mathematical programming with a deep interest in assisting clients to improve their business performance. They work side-by-side with their client partners to implement the optimal solutions and make sure these find their way in the company’s daily management workflows.

N-SIDE was founded in 2000 in Louvain-la-Neuve in Belgium, Europe, by Philippe Chevalier, Professor in Operations Research at the Louvain School of Management, and has since established a presence in North-America, Latin America and Asia.

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