A word from the founder

The creation of N-SIDE originates from a simple idea: enabling advanced mathematical techniques that  were once confined to academia to be more broadly used to benefits the business world.
With the accelerating progress of computing power, data storage and above all, data capture and instant transmission, the potential for using analytical tools has enormously increased over recent decades and exponentially over the last few years.

And when these data are combined with a deep understanding of the forces at work in the economical model of a given sector, new and even counterintuitive ideas for improvement can be identified and exploited. Suddenly, classic working practices in one department, long thought to be ideal, is shown to be ineffective when seen on a larger scale, taking into account all interactions with other departments.

As such, Modeling and Operations Research represent a unique opportunity to sharpen management decision-making based on more organized knowledge. These competences represent an increasingly viable source of competitive advantage for companies.

These were the ingredients present in 2000 at the launch of N-SIDE, and they are still very much part of its DNA today.


Philippe Chevalier
President of N-SIDE
Professor of Operations Research
Université Catholique de Louvain

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