Your career

Reach your optimum

N-SIDE puts a lot of emphasis on continuous personal development.

Being a young and fast-growing company, many career development opportunities will inevitably cross your path.

Both managerial and technical career ladders are available and equally valued.

Career Development Process

The career development process at N-SIDE is based on meritocracy.

Beside informal feedback delivered when appropriate during project execution, a formal feedback session is organized with your manager twice a year.

During this session, performance is reviewed project by project with respect to personal objectives, fields for development are identified and new objectives are set together.

Once a year, based on individual and company performance, our employees may be offered compensation upgrades and promotions as well as a profit-sharing bonus.


Tailor-made training program

Your training program may cover both hard and soft skills and is designed around your personal abilities, your preferences and of course the demands of your job today, as well as your ambitions for tomorrow.
It can take the form of internal coaching, in-house training, learning from others or external training given by professionals.
As a consultant, you will also acquire a great deal of business know-how while working on the client side.


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