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Willing to contribute to real-world projects and transform mathematical challenges into value for the industry?

Find out the challenging projects you could work on:

Euphemia Internship Projects

N-SIDE develops Euphemia, the solution used by European Power Exchanges to organise the trades of electricity throughout Europe.
For full information about Euphemia, click here.


  • Analytics for the day-ahead European Market

N-SIDE wants to gain further knowledge on the features of the European electricity market. This internship aims to collect information on different markets that constitute the European system.

Tasks: collection, organization, visualization and presentation of information.

Tools: no specific tool required

Profile: Master of business engineering, Master of engineering or related curriculum.

What you will gain: Expertise on the operation and characteristics of the european electricity market.

  • Multi-threaded architecture for Euphemia solution

N-SIDE is planning to move to a multi-threaded software architecture to continuously improve the performance of Euphemia. This internship aims to design this new architecture, together with N-SIDE development team, in a robust and efficient way.

Tasks: understand the current architecture of the solution, propose a new way design, select an appropriate technology, organise the work in different work packages.

Tools: Java, CPLEX

Profile: Degree in computer science or related curriculum

What you will gain: Expertise in designing multi-threaded applications, expertise on the operation of the European electricity market.

  • Geographical decomposition algorithm for the European day-ahead electricity market

Euphemia solution integrates several market models and bidding zones with different characteristics. The goal of this internship is to apply a “divide and conquer” approach to this complex mathematical problem, to improve performance of the current solution, and to face the market growth.

Tasksdesign and implement a decomposition scheme and heuristics to recover feasible solutions.

ToolsJava, CPLEX

ProfileMaster of applied mathematics, Master of computer science, or related curriculum.

What you will gain: Expertise in designing decomposition algorithms for large systems, expertise on the operation of the European electricity market.


OscaR Internship Projects

In many of our projects at N-Side, we rely on OscaR to model optimization problems. Therefore, it is key for us to contribute to the development of this project. To know more about OscaR click here.


  • Column Generation and Application to VRPs

Column Generation is an efficient algorithm for solving large scale optimization problems. The goal of this internship would be to design and implement within OscaR a framework for column generation. One of the main advantage of OscaR is that it includes different optimization techniques (Constraint Programming, Mathematical Programming, Constraint-Based Local Search, …). Therefore, we can take advantage of that in order to use different methods and combine them for column generation.

Recently, hybrid approaches mixing constraint programming with column generation have been applied to Vehicle Routing Problems (VRPs). It is therefore a perfect case for testing the framework that will be designed and implemented during the internship.

Tasks: design, implementation and modelling

Tools: Scala, OscaR

What you will gain: practical understanding and application of column generation, getting hands-on a broad range of optimization techniques (CP, MathProg, CBLS, …), experience in modelling a real case of VRP.

  • Interfacing with AMPL and modelling MINLPs

Mixed Integer Non-Linear Programming (MINLP) is currently a very active topic of research and has shown promising results in some applications. The goal of this internship would be to enhance the linprog package of OscaR in order to be able to model MINLPs and to interface OscaR with MINLP solvers. For fast prototyping, instead of developing a specific interface to each solver, an interface to AMPL ( will be developed allowing to plug-in to various MINLP solvers (Couenne, Bonmin, FilMINT, …).

Tasksdesign, implementation and mathematical modelling.

Tools: Scala, OscaR, AMPL

What you will gain: deeper knowledge of the current state-of-the-art solvers for MINLP

 Interested to apply for one of the internships?

EDGE Internship Projects

Join us to build our brand-new application platform. The EDGE framework is written is Scala and Scala.js to support all our optimization applications in a modern way.

You will spend the first few weeks learning Scala, a refreshing strongly typed language having the best of both object-oriented and functional paradigms with a clean and powerful syntax.

N-SIDE is a small and young company where you will work directly with one of our developers to design, develop and assess your own module.


  • You are a bachelor or master student in computer science
  • You are eager to learn
  • You have a basic notion of English
What you will gain:
  • Learn Scala
  • Design real-life generic architecture
  • Code in a team
  • See your project being used in many different commercial products
  • Play kicker!

#1: Generic data import tool

Guide users through automated data imports. This includes:

  • Identify different file formats (csv, xls, xml…)
  • Extract 2D table data
  • Infer data types
  • Match to application’s data model
  • Match to existing object in the database
  • Design GUI to confirm matches or override them
  • Exclude outliers using statistical methods
#2: Visualisations
Help users to browse and edit data by implementing different kind of generic visualisations:

  • Network graph (nodes and edges)
  • Multiple kinds of charts
  • Time series
  • Maps
  • Drag & drop
  • Tree
  • Flow diagram
  • Gantt
  • Sankey diagram

In addition to Scala, you will have to work with CSS (Sass) and JavaScript (D3.js…).
Interested to join a young and dynamic team willing to transform mathematical challenges into value for the industry? We are looking forward to getting to know you further.  Send us your CV, motivation letter and period of internship via our contact form!

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