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Join us at the annual Constraint Programming Conference and discover the ACP challenge winner!

Today starts the 22nd edition of the annual conference on all aspects of computing with constraints, including: theory, algorithms, environments, languages, models, systems, and applications such as decision making, resource allocation, scheduling, configuration, and planning.

N-SIDE is using state of the art constraints programming techniques with success in several projects and one of them being the operational planning of the torpedoes at ArcelorMittal. This project inspired  The Torpedo Scheduling Problem submitted for the ACP challenge 2016 that N-SIDE sponsors!

Discover the Winner:  Dr. Michael Römer

Dr. Michael Römer modeled the Torpedo Scheduling Problem using an elegant Network representation. Using a Flow, the candidate was able to optimally solve all instances provided in the context of this challenge.

Congrats on this impressive performance !


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