Energy Solutions

Discover how optimizing your decisions can leverage your flexibilities and reduce your energy costs!

Today’s energy sector is facing numerous challenges such as:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Increase of renewables in the energy mix
  • Integration of European Power Exchange markets
  • Increase complexity of the electricity balancing market


The sector has to evolve and become more and more flexible.  How to leverage the industrial sites electricity flexibility and capture its full value?

N-SIDE intends to become a key player in the new energy era.  We believe Advanced Business Analytics and Optimization can turn your challenges into opportunities!  Our innovative solutions help you make the right strategic, operational or real-time decisions to to be proactive on your future and move ahead of the competition.

Discover our main solutions:



ENERTOP leverages the energy flexibility of energy-intensive industrial sites to

  • Generate optimal energy cost reduction
  • Maximize profit from Demand Response (DR)
  • Provide optimal investment plan
  • Plan optimal production scheduling


ENERTOP is composed of three main features acting at different time frame:

  • Strategic simulation
  • Scheduling and modulating
  • Real-time Demand Response

ENERTOP propose an innovative integrated approach using the latest advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics techniques to optimize your energy strategy!



EUPHEMIA is a market coupling algorithm for European Power exchange, implemented and developed in-house by N-SIDE, from theory to operations

  • Used daily by Power Exchanges to fix pan-EU day-ahead electricity prices in 19 EU countries
  • Computing market prices & volumes by:
      • coupling national markets
      • maximizing total economical welfare
      • optimizing network capacity utilization
      • modeling complex constraints
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