Hot Metal Flow

Discover how optimization helps you monitoring and achieving higher standards for your hot metal flow!

Your Challenge

The Hot Metal Flow (HMF) deals with the transportation of hot metal from the blast furnaces to the steel making shop (converters).  It is very exposed to risk as being the link between two continuous processes that can not be interrupted.  The Hot Metal Flow is a critical process to any steel plant for minimizing hot metal dumping and ensuring optimum supply of hot metal to steel making shop.

Today Hot Metal Flow decisions are not fully optimized due to complex operational constraints and regular changes in the steel production planning.  This makes it difficult to plan accurately the availability of the torpedoes at the blast furnaces, the usage of the emergency pit, the right chemical mix from torpedoes to ladles, etc.

Most operators today have to take their decisions based on horizon forecasts with limited time (around 2 hours).  They undergo a lot of pressure due this short timeline and sometimes make the wrong decision or a too conservative decision such as pouring a torpedo car in the emergency pit at the last minute,  removing too much sulfur than necessary, etc…

Our Solution

N-SIDE has developed a dedicated solution to help operators to easily manage the hot metal flow between blast furnaces and converters.  The algorithm allows to forecast and optimize the hot metal flows with a rolling 8 hours time horizon taking into account real-time situation and all the operational constraints.

This unique solution provides you with accurate informations to take the right decisions to increase productivity and mitigate your risks.

Key features

  • Blast Furnace Forecast

Anticipate the blast furnaces behaviour and the tapping’s predictions for the next 8 hours.

  • Torpedoes scheduling

Visualize the individual torpedo optimized scheduling at the different stages during the next 8 hours: pouring, waiting, desulfurization, moving, cleaning, etc.

  • Hot Metal Forecast

Manage real-time hot metal quantity in torpedoes. Make the adequate decisions and visualize how they impact on the flow.

Need to add a torpedo?  to send a torpedo to cleaning station?  This is all automatically calculated.

  • Hot Metal Optimal Chemical Mix

Determine the right level of desulfurization needed for each torpedo.  Calculate and plan the right mix of torpedoes for each ladle in order to meet the optimal chemical target fixed by the steel making shop.


Not only the tool let you visualize accurate scheduling data for the next 8 hours but the additional layer of optimization features guarantees a quick ROI after implementation.

  • Information exchange between BF and SMS to enable decision-making and improved coordination

  • Optimal availability of torpedoes

  • Minimization of the emergency pit usage

  • Maximization of the use of cleaning stations

  • Decreasing over-desulfurization

  • Minimization of thermal losses

  • Steel quality improvement
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