At the heart of our approach are people.

Indeed, the collaboration of your teams and our consultants within the project group is critical to ensure the success of the mission.
Varied input and interaction is required from both sides throughout the project:

Sharing the vision and setting the goals together

Your managers share their strategic vision and business goals to help the project team define the objectives and scope of the project. In turn, N-SIDE consultants, applying their methodology (questionnaires, business cases), support you by identifying the most promising levers to focus on.

Combining team expertise

Building a model always requires continuous interaction within the project team. Your teams bring their business-specific knowledge while our consultants use their Operations Research expertise to translate it into models. Then again, when it comes to validating the model, only your experts can tell whether the solutions proposed are convincing and realistic.

Embedding the solution in the organization

Too often, nice, neat IT solutions are implemented and delivered without figuring out how they will actually be adopted and used. At N-SIDE, our ultimate goal is to deliver solutions that are effectively used by your teams. For that purpose, we pay close attention to all stakeholders who are going to be affected in the company:

  • Direct users are trained and supported to become autonomous
  • Work processes are crafted (e.g. user groups or steering committees) that implicate regular use of the solution
  • Visibility to the management of its capabilities and results is ensured
  • Responsibilities are assigned to maintain the solution and feed it with the latest data

Furthermore, our solutions often become a support for cross-department communication, as they affect several functions (typically process/operations, sales, supply-chain, finance …etc.).

Finally, top-management awareness and support is actively promoted, not only during the project but also during the entire lifetime of the resulting solution.

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