Process industry

Discover how end-to-end integrated process optimization can save you millions on production costs!

In complex productions like steelmaking, hundreds of variables can be seen as potential levers to optimize your process and reduce overall production costs. With SCOOP, you are certain of swiftly taking the best decision with the assurance of remaining competitive even in poor market conditions.



SCOOP Benefits

  • Increase your margin by up to 5% by process integration

By selecting the best raw materials mix and the most profitable products, SCOOP takes to your optimal operating point and ensures the appropriate quality of intermediate products.

  • Speed up your pro-activity

Make strategic decisions after sudden market changes or unplanned events and quickly adapt your operating point accordingly.

  • Align teams

Quantitative search finds the right balance between trade-offs in the entire production flow making team decisions objective.

  • Knowledge management

Aggregate the knowledge of your experts in a user-friendly application.


SCOOP Features:

  • Scenario comparison

Perform any kind of what-if analysis and compare results by highlighting the main differences.

  • Negotiation tool

Find the right price of a raw material by deducing its qualitative impact on your process.

  • Cost analysis

Understand how production costs change as a function of output and plant characteristics.

  • Sensitivity analysis

Analyze the impact of variations input parameters such as prices, quality, etc.

  • ROI of small investments

Easily calculates return on small investments by taking an integrated approach to evaluate potential production impact.

  • Live simulations

SCOOP’s incredibly fast calculation speed allows you to run any kind of real-time analysis during a meeting.


SCOOP Applications:

SCOOP process optimization can be applied to any kind of process involving at least one of the following:

  • Large range of raw materials of different quality and price
  • Quality of intermediate products impacting downstream processes
  • Possible purchase of intermediate products
  • Non-constant-based, variable production cost
  • Large range of end-products of different quality and price
  • Non-negligible by-products (including energy)
  • Productivity impacted by raw materials and quality
  • Any other trade-off impacting the production cost

In steelmaking, the most common configurations are:

  • Integrated “carbon” steel plant
  • Stainless with EAF and AOD/VOD/VD
  • Minimills

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