The last step of the project is to develop the software solution.

We provide you with a fully packaged application to run our models on.


Our software characteristics:

Tailor-made but modular

We develop all our applications using a proprietary modular approach which offers the flexibility of tailor-made features with the robustness of more standard packages. These bespoke components are essential to unlocking the last percentile of efficiency, unreachable by generic solutions.            


Fast and accurate

Our applications are conceived for managerial use to improve and accelerate decision-making, helping them master the complexity of their operations.
Thus they are designed to provide fast and accurate answers to various scenarios, as immediate support for discussions in management meetings.


Transparency and documentation

An IT application is effectively used only if its users trust it. The user must be capable of understanding the models and computations that lead to any given result. Our solutions all come with drill-down tools and a detailed documentation of all underlying models and assumptions that is easily accessible through the user interface.


User friendly

Our solutions often replace spreadsheets which, if they offer only partial and unoptimized results, have at least the virtue of simplicity. The gain of switching to a comprehensive optimization tool should not be offset by an increased complexity of use.

That is why our applications are designed to be easily adopted by managers and people from operations, not just IT experts. The user interfaces are kept simple, intuitive and sleek.  They feature most of the typical functionalities of office tools (e.g. copy-cut-paste, reports and exports to xls format …).

We also develop other on-demand features to suit the needs of specific clients or businesses, such as:


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