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Interfaces with existing Information Systems

Our applications usually require some data from other IT systems, such as ERPs, Process Control Systems (level 1 or 2), CRMs … Furthermore, for operational models, the solutions provided by our tools (e.g. production schedules, optimal order sequences…) can also be directly loaded into other IT systems. At N-SIDE, we build the necessary interfaces between the existing data sources and our solutions (ins and outs ) to make the best use of available data and avoid redundancies or losses.

Analytical tools

In addition to the models, we also develop analytical tools to facilitate the generation and analysis of solutions. This proves particularly useful for problems with many assumptions subject to high uncertainty: our tools automate the generation and the comparison of multiple scenarios and “what if” analysis. We can also automate the production of reports, including rich content such as graphs charts or graphic representations of networks.

Maintenance, support and continuous improvement

For all the solutions that we develop, whether unique or replicated on several sites, we propose maintenance and support services to ensure the quality of results during the entire life cycle of the solution.
These services cover migration to new IT environments, updates of third party components (e.g. solvers, libraries …) or further model developments.
If needed, we also provide specific support services such as business consulting, helpdesk or hosting.
Finally, we keep on ongoing investment in R&D ensures continuous improvement of our established solutions or internally developed components such IT frameworks, solvers …

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