Business tools

Among the concepts and techniques widely used in our technico-economic models, one can find:


  • Micro-economic models (e.g. computing market supply and demand curves by aggregation of complex individual orders, market equilibrium and prices, economic surplus)
  • Marginal cost curve analysis (e.g. to optimize the utilization of your production capacity)
  • Investment and portfolio management tools (Net Present Value [DCF], Value at Risk …)

Operations & Supply Chain

  • Classic inventory and supply chain management policies (e.g. ABC analysis, Economic Order Quantities, Dynamic Lot Sizing, …)
  • Lean manufacturing and productivity analysis (value mapping, bottleneck identification [Theory of Constraints] …)
  • Procurement/purchasing tools (Total Cost of Ownership analysis, Value-in-Use of raw materials, …)

Marketing & Sales

  • Product mix management (e.g. computing true profitability of products by mixing marginal cost curves and order books)
  • Sales management and marketing (Pocket pricing, demand trends …)
  • Risk management (cost vs risk analysis …)
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