Operations Research Tools

At N-SIDE, we aim to make available the latest developments in Operations Research techniques – or more broadly Analytics – to the business world and make a relevant and effective use of these in our solutions.

Mathematical programming and optimization are our core area of expertise, and particularly for:

  • Linear Programming, Non-Linear Programming, Mixed Integer Programming, Constraint Programming
  • Heuristics (Tabu Search, Simulated Annealing, Genetic Algorithms …)
  • Decomposition techniques
  • Development of an Open Source O.R. toolbox OscaR
  • Expertise in linking theoretical families of problems with optimal solver selection and setup
  • Interfaces with the leading solvers (CPLEX, Gurobi, ConOpt, …)

We have also developed advanced expertise in simulation techniques, such as:

  • Discrete event simulations, queuing system …
  • Stochastic simulations, Monte-Carlo …

Finally, we make a frequent use of other analytics techniques such as statistics, forecasting (e.g. ARX models), machine learning.

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