Orbel Wolsey Award 2013

Tias GunsTias Guns studied computer science (licentiaat informatica) at the University of Leuven (KU Leuven), Belgium. He graduated with great honours in June 2006.
In September 2007, he started his doctoral studies in the Declarative Languages and Artificial Intelligence group at the University of Leuven. He received a four year personal grant from the Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology (IWT Vlaanderen) in January 2008, to work on a Ph.D. He successfully defended his thesis titled “Declarative Pattern Mining using Constraint Programming” in January 2012.
He participates on the EU FET project on ‘inductive constraint programming’. He is currently an FWO postdoctoral research fellowship on the topic of ‘data-driven constraint solving’.
Since the start of his PhD he has also been involved in the organisation of FOSDEM, a major open source event held yearly in Brussels.

CP4IM – Constraint Programming for Itemset Mining

The objective of the CP4IM project is to offer a general and declarative approach to pattern mining, by means of constraint programming.
Instead of hand-crafting imperative algorithms, in constraint programming you declaratively specify a problem by means of the constraints it needs to satisfy. A generic solver will then effectively search for the solutions that satisfy the constraints.

Strong points

The decision of the Jury has been motivated by the following qualities:

  • Originality: CP4IM represents a paradigm shift by featuring a new declarative approach
  • Extensibility: Dedicated modules have been built based on this framework, and other researchers start using it
  • High quality: There is a clear emphasis on code quality and documentation, inspired by the work on gecode
  • Growing visibility: The project’s visibility is assured by a thorough website and several events (workshops,…) to spread the word.
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