The Annual CT-FAST User Group Meeting is currently taking place in London.  Our global customers are getting together to share experiences, enjoy shared-learning and stay on top of the latest innovation in clinical trial supplies optimization and forecasting!

Clinical Trial Supply Optimization CT-FASTSome highlights of the discussions :

  • Ideas and best practices exchanges to facilitate change management and ease transition.
  • Discussion on the importance of using CT-FAST early in the process to ensure end-to-end management and best results.
  • Highly interesting show case of CT-PRO, N-SIDE new risk based optimisation solution to manage manufacturing and API bulk.
  • Knowledge sharing about the importance of KPI’s settings and the different options
  • Exchanges on the potential of Big Data and Machine Learning to improve trial design
  • CT-FAST 5.2 version presentation: added value of the new reporting (fully and easily customizable by the user) & new depot resupply algorithms, allowing risk-based optimization to further decrease the supply overage
  • JIT roundtable session focuses on the 3 following points:
    • how CT-FAST can assess the added value of JIT
    • importance to have CT-FAST risk-based optimization approach to leverage the reduced demand uncertainty (due to reduced lead times) and achieve cost savings when implementing JIT/demand led supplies
    • Difference between “pull” and “push” supply approaches for supply chain management
  • Budget transparency: how better managing the cost assumptions (e.g. cost per activity) can help improving the budget accuracy
  • IRT workshop: how to leverage the prediction within the IRT system and significantly reduce the waste.
  • Presentation of CT-FAST roadmap, including web-based UI and BI reporting

Very interesting discussions at the CT-FAST User Group Meeting 2017. Thank you to all of our participants for their knowledge sharing!

Willing to know more about our solutions CT-FAST and CT-PRO, new production planning optimization solution?

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