Clinical Supply Optimization

End-to-end clinical supply optimization brings many benefits including increased transparency and efficiency as well as risk management, ensuring 100% patient service levels. But it also results in freeing up manufacturing time and being able to start new trials sooner.

Learn more about how end-to-end clinical supply optimization can accelerate time to market:




Also on this topic, don’t miss Amaury Jeandrain presenting an in-depth case study at Clinical Trial Supply Europe 2020 in Madrid :

  • When ? DAY 1  |  March 11th  |  2:30 PM
  • Where ? Clinical Supply Technology track


“How to accelerate time to market thanks to end-to-end supply optimization”

  • Discover how bridging the gap between global compound manufacturing and individual clinical trials’ optimization allow minimizing drug waste and supply budgets by 20-70%
  • Learn how end-to-end optimization can accelerate clinical trials by freeing drug, budgets and manufacturing capacity 
  • Investigating innovative ways of re-allocating capacity, drug and investment to initiating new trials, starting planned trials earlier or accelerating a trial’s recruitment

Clinical Trial Supply Europe 2020

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Visit us at booth #63 ! Our colleagues will be pleased to answer all your questions about your clinical trial supply optimization.


N-SIDE speaker at Clinical Trial Supply Europe 2020 :

Amaury Jeandrain 
Head of Pharma Solutions Adoption


Amaury Jeandrain has a Master’s Degree in Business Engineering with a specialization in supply chain management. After working for a CRO, he joined N-SIDE where he supported the optimization of hundreds of trials from different indications and pharmaceutical companies, providing services ranging from risk-based optimization to clinical trial design and solving drug supply shortage problems. Amaury now leads a group of consultants, focusing on the extension of N-SIDE’s solutions.



You can’t join us in Madrid? Download the white paper now and learn more about the benefits of optimizing your end-to-end clinical trial supply chain !



See you soon at Clinical Trial Supply Europe 2020!

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