N-SIDE proud sponsor ACP summer school

Learn how to apply constraint programming


N-SIDE, as expert in advanced analytics technologies, is proud to sponsor the Association for Constraint Programming ACP Summer School.

The summer school is a yearly event organised by the Association for Constraint Programming (ACP). The idea behind it is to spread knowledge of constraint programming among young researchers, other disciplines and the industry.  This year topic is “Applying Constraint Programming” with the focus to learn about tools and technology to apply constraint programming for solving hard combinatorial optimization problem.

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As part of the program, N-SIDE  is happy to sponsor the Hackathon that will take place on July 3-5, 2019.  We submitted an challenging optimization problem that is inspired by a real-world problem that we have solve for one of our client.

N-SIDE Hackathon

The Road Network Maintenance Problem aims at scheduling a variety of maintenance works that need to be held on a road network. These maintenance works are grouped into worksheets of various urgency. When a maintenance work needs to be performed, the road section on which it occurs is blocked, inducing a perturbation in traffic.
The goal of the problem is to maximize the amount of worksheets scheduled according to their urgency while minimizing the perturbations on the road network.
Many additional constraints make this problem very challenging to model. Furthermore, the size of the road networks considered is huge, requiring a scalable optimization strategy.

With the help of Constraint Programming, N-SIDE has managed to create an efficient and scalable model delivering high quality solutions with the help of an LNS strategy.  Will the ACP Summer School students be able to propose good models to tackle this complex and passionating problem?

We are convinced and looking forward to seeing their creative approaches to solve this challenging problem!

And the winners are ….

Thank you to the 12 participating teams for their motivation and creative approaches to solve this challenging problem. All our congratulations to the winning teams for the three levels: easy, medium, hard !

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