AstraZeneca logoN-SIDE announced that AstraZeneca has signed an agreement to implement the N-SIDE Suite for Clinical Trials. Within the scope of this agreement , AstraZeneca will use specifically the N-SIDE Supply and Dashboard Apps in order to design, plan and monitor their clinical trial supply chain.

“N-SIDE’s Suite provides a tremendous opportunity for AstraZeneca to collaborate across key areas of clinical development and deliver the best studies for our patients”

John Murray, Supply Chain Transformation Lead, AstraZeneca

Thanks to the N-SIDE Suite for Clinical Trials, AstraZeneca will achieve a centralization of their clinical supply chain management. The N-SIDE solution will support both strategic decision-making during protocol design as well as operational planning and change management of on-going trials. The business intelligence dashboards will be used for real-time trial monitoring, results visualization and supporting cross-department communication.

“We are proud to further our collaboration with AstraZeneca as they implement the N-SIDE Suite for Clinical Trials to manage their clinical supply chain”

Jacques Parlongue, N-SIDE CEO

N-SIDE has provided consulting services for AstraZeneca clinical trial supply optimization since 2017.

N-SIDE_suite_clinical_trials_dashboard_monitoring_per_depotThe N-SIDE Suite for Clinical Trials is a cutting edge, cloud-based software that enables clinical trial managers to future-proof their clinical trial supply chain management while minimizing costs, drug waste and risk. With interconnected applications, the N-SIDE Suite for Clinical Trials uses advanced analytics, including optimization and machine learning, to support strategic and operational decision-making as well as facilitate trial monitoring with real-time data and knowledge sharing.



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