Our N-SIDE Energy team was pleased to be part of the Energy Flexibility Forum, organized by Solar Plaza and came back with great discussions and insights.

Olivier Devolder, head of N-SIDE Energy group and panel moderator at the event is sharing his main take-away:

“During the conference, the use of algorithms, artificial intelligence and advanced analytics has been presented as key elements in almost all the new energy use cases or business models like Local Electricity Market, Virtual Power Plant, Local Flexibility Platform, Local Electricity System (Microgrid), Smart charging of EVs…”


Among all presentations, the conclusion of Olivier Devolder was clearly highlighted and especially during the SmartNet talk (H2020 research project). This project has the ambition to resolve the challenge of TSO-DSO cooperation. Concretely, SmartNet team, from which N-SIDE is member, has analyzed and tested different TSO-DSO coordination schemes. The results of the project will be disseminated at the SmartNet Public Workshop on June 20th in Brussels.

The presentation given by Héloïse Hoyos, N-SIDE Senior Consultant, has also illustrated during the day that Advanced Analytics is a key enabler to manage complexity behind the energy flexibility operation. Thanks to a concrete example on Pulp and paper industry, Héloïse explained how to unlock energy flexibility on industrial sites.

Read Héloïse Hoyos presentation and discover how to unlock your energy flexibility !


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Review the webinar about Economics of Energy Flexibility and listen to Héloïse Hoyos to discover other concrete examples about Energy Flexibility valorization 





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