Belgian AI Week

Last week was the Belgian AI week, with multiple events organized and many stakeholders/citizens discussing all the aspects of AI, including fairness, ethics, and multiple other exciting topics.

N-SIDE is proud to be contributing to the AI expertise in Belgium, by developing innovative solutions, built on AI, in the Energy market and Power Systems world. In this context, Guillaume Leclercq, Head of Energy Analytics Delivery, contributed to a Debate on AI and Environment, within the AI & Society event organized on March 15th by UMons (Read details here in French).

Professor Thierry Dutoit delightfully introduced the AI topic in Wallonia, using a fine analogy for AI comparing it to “Street knowledge” (by opposition to “book knowledge”, where everything needs to be specified in advance), to highlight that you learn from your environment (not explicitly through explicit rules, but through the data around you). 

Another important aspect was highlighted about Ethics in AI (Car Mörch), in which Mr. Mörch also highlighted the importance of explainable AI. N-SIDE fully agrees with this and that explainable AI is part of the DNA of our Energy solutions, as can be highlighted by our energy market forecasts. To learn more about the topics on explainable AI, watch the replay of this Webinar “AI IN ENERGY FORECASTING: HOW TO AVOID THE BLACK-BOX EFFECT?” here.

Guillaume made a presentation on “AI to succeed in the energy transition” (available for download below), highlighting how AI can be used as a tool to support the different actors of the energy transition, making their job easier and allowing better integrated renewable energy in the system.  Watch the replay of this presentation here.

N-SIDE is glad to have contributed to the citizen discussions around such important topics, such as the energy transition, and to illustrate how today, we already use AI as a tool to enable a better integration of renewable energy and to lower carbon emissions.

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