N-SIDE on the road to carbon neutrality

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Justin Gellezak

N-SIDE is proud to be once again, a certified CO2 neutral organization. Following its first certification back in 2019, this recognition demonstrates the efforts undertaken by N-SIDE in its relentless quest to significantly reduce its own CO2 emissions. An effort in line with the company’s mission to make a similar impact in key areas, paving the way for the sustainable development of humanity. 

The growth of populations and improvement of living standards come with an increasing usage of critical resources. In this context, the adjustment of the usage of resources with the availability constraints and effective control of carbon emissions is closely correlated. Organizations are in the front line of this phenomenon, which leads their strategic and operational management towards higher levels of complexity. In order to address these challenges and build a healthier and more sustainable world, developing innovative approaches to optimize and make better decisions can become an effective solution for the sake of humanity. 

N-SIDE shares this vision by combining deep industry expertise with applied mathematics and artificial intelligence into software solutions for two areas active in the development of human kind: life sciences and energy. In life sciences, we notably reduce by up to 60% the amount of drug waste in clinical supplies and accelerate the development of drugs for patients in need. In energy, we accelerate the transition towards renewables and electrification by enabling leading grids and market players in making better, faster and safer decisions. 

What is done for others starts with us

Sustainable development is at the heart of N-SIDE. One of the best ways to convince stakeholders in getting onboard this journey starts with leading by example. This is why, for the third year in a row, N-SIDE has computed its activities generating CO2 emissions as well as its efforts to reduce them. The information was then submitted to CO2 logic, an organization specialized in calculating, reducing and offsetting CO2 emissions. Based on the information provided, CO2 logic has awarded N-SIDE for the third consecutive year, the CO2 Neutral Label. The certification recognizes every step taken by organizations to reduce negative environmental impact and makes their efforts visible to the public.

As a purpose-driven company, N-SIDE is deeply committed to significantly reducing its carbon footprint. Several efforts are set up within our organization. Among them, we can list:

  • Videoconferencing facilities as an alternative to long-distance travelling

  • Selection of eco-responsible suppliers subscribing to our N-SIDE Supplier Code of Conduct

  • Ceramic coffee cups & glasses to avoid the use of plastic consumables

  • Waste sorting

  • Eco-labeled office supplies or give-aways primarily made in EU

On the other hand,  one-off initiatives are led by our “Green committee” consisting of N-SIDErs driven by the belief that it is our responsibility to fight against climate change as individuals but also as a company. Initiatives including but not limited to:


"I am very pleased with the renewal of our CO2 neutral certification. Such achievement demonstrates our relentless efforts to significantly reduce our own CO2 emissions. It also outlines the commitment of all N-SIDErs driven by the company’s vision to build a healthy and sustainable world by optimizing decisions" comments Philippe Chevalier, CEO ad interim at N-SIDE

Sustainable mobility, the key

According to the report computed by CO2 logic, there is clear evidence that most of our CO2 emissions (75%) come from mobility, notably from company cars being part of the salary package offered to all N-SIDErs working in Belgium. Such benefit in kind represents a significant amount of CO2 emissions. In order to tackle this situation, N-SIDE has set in place different measures to reduce the carbon impact generated by its fleet:

Fleet electrification

Since 2020, N-SIDE has been encouraging orders for hybrid or electric company cars. "Among 46 company car orders during fiscal year 2021 (editor’s note: from 1/10/2020 until 30/09/2021), 70% of them were either hybrid or electric models. We expect this percentage to rise and reach 100% during fiscal year 2023. In addition, employees who choose this type of vehicle are offered the lifetime installation of an electric charging station at their home" explains Nicolas Van Zeebroeck, Fleet Manager at N-SIDE. 

Mobility budget

N-SIDE offers a mobility budget for Belgian employees who decide to not opt for a company car or to downgrade the category of vehicle assigned to their position while making an ecological choice. This choice creates an additional budget for the employee who can use it to finance alternative mobility options (i.e. buying an electric bike) or their house rent or mortgage credit (if their house is within 10 km from the workplace or if they opt for minimum 60% of homeworking). "Up to now, 21% of our workforce in Belgium have opted for the mobility budget and 26% of newcomers who could have chosen to have a car as part of their salary package decided to withdraw the company car and selected a mobility budget. We expect this proportion to rise in the near future" discloses Paola Murgia, Head of People Experience team at N-SIDE.

Several other efforts have been set up at N-SIDE when it comes to mobility. For instance, our travel policy has been revamped, now encouraging employees to opt for trains for longer travel distances. Moreover, at the start of 2024, N-SIDE will move its headquarters to brand-new premises. Only from a stone’s throw to the heart of Louvain-la-Neuve's city centre, our new office will be right above the city’s train station. This change will facilitate a greener mobility for a larger number of employees. Another step among others towards the reduction of our CO2 emissions.

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