N-SIDE offers eco-driving lessons to support its sustainable mobility efforts

Following N-SIDE’s collaboration with CO2logic last year, we determined that the main source of our CO2 emissions was coming from our mobility. Consequently, N-SIDE decided to make the reduction of CO2 emissions a top priority. As a first step, back in November 2019, we offered a sustainable mobility alternative to our employees: the usage of […]

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Take the guesswork out of clinical trial supply overage

Clinical trial supply management is challenging – ensuring there is no risk to patients receiving the right medication on-time with highly unpredictable demand. Due to the nature of randomized clinical trials, there is inherent uncertainty in patient demand. Buffer stock, often referred to as clinical trial supply overage, is required to be sure that the right […]

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N-SIDE and Sanofi signed an amendment for using N-SIDE risk-based production planning optimization solution

N-SIDE has signed with Sanofi an amendment to their agreement to use N-SIDE’s risk-based production planning optimization solution This agreement comes at the successful conclusion of the pilot study conducted by Sanofi and N-SIDE using N-SIDE’s innovative solution to optimize end-to-end production planning at the clinical program level. N-SIDE is happy to continue the collaboration […]

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