N-SIDE and Svenska kraftnät, the Swedish TSO, are collaborating on the development of a new approach for the dimensioning of balancing capacity.

Unlike other European countries performing individual dimensioning, the four Nordic TSOs require a common FRR dimensioning methodology to exploit the synergies of the Nordic synchronous system and they strive for the additional benefits of a common Load-Frequency Control (LFC) Block. This makes the sizing of reserves particularly challenging, due to the multi-area aspect and the […]

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Capacity Remuneration Mechanism

Long-Term Capacity Market: the added-value of a market-clearing algorithm With the increasing electrification of our society and the significant change in supplies structures (e.g. nuclear phase-out), system operators are facing a risk of future scarcity issues of the electricity supply. Part of the solution to this structural change lies in long term capacity markets (LTCM). […]

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The innovative grid planning methodology behind FlexPlan Project: modelling and scenario framework

The H2020 project FlexPlan aims to establish a new grid planning methodology, considering simultaneously the opportunity to introduce storage and flexibility as an alternative to traditional grid investment, such as building new lines or reinforcing existing ones, as detailed in our previous blog.  Aligned with the intentions of the Clean Energy for all Europeans regulatory […]

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Webinar | From feasible to optimized outage planning: leveraging the power of Advanced Analytics at Elia Transmission Belgium

We had the pleasure of connecting with 66 attendees from 38 companies and 19 countries at our webinar! Anticipating the challenges that come along with the full transition of the energy landscape is becoming crucial for System Operators to continuously guarantee the security of supply for their millions of consumers. More specifically, Outage Planning is […]

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