FlexPlan project: considering flexibility to support long-term grid planning

FlexPlan project highlighted at Innogrid 2020 The H2020 FlexPlan project aims at developing and testing a new grid planning tool, considering investments in flexibility, storage, grid reinforcements/expansion for transmission and distribution grids. Environmental and security/reliability constraints are also taken into account, as well as the probabilistic nature of the problem (due to the uncertain nature of […]

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Single Day-Ahead Coupling: important successes for the Euphemia Lab

The Euphemia Lab, providing cutting edge R&D services to bring PCR EUPHEMIA to the next level for the Single Day-ahead Coupling (SDAC) of European electricity markets, has delivered the past months, its first important successes. The target European electricity market model and provisions of the European regulations seek to implement a Single Day-ahead Coupling (SDAC) […]

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How to avoid the black-box effect of artificial intelligence ?

Adrien Rosen and Pierre Artoisenet, Senior Consultants in our Energy team gave a detailed presentation at E-world 2020 about how to avoid the black-box effect of Artificial Intelligence in time series forecasting. Increasing penetration of intermittent generation leads to increasing market volatility and higher risk in the portfolios. The N-SIDE electricity price forecasts help portfolio managers […]

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