New grid planning methodology, considering alternatives to new lines: Flex Plan

Kick-off of the new Horizon2020 project FlexPlan, 9-10 October 2019 in Milan   This new H2020 project, FlexPlan, aims at establishing an innovative grid planning methodology considering the opportunity to introduce new storage and flexibility elements in transmission and distribution electricity grids as an alternative to building new lines. As an expert in advanced analytics, N-SIDE […]

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How to leverage the full value of flexibility in energy markets ?

  On October 2-3, 2019, N-SIDE will be present at the JIEEC – Smart Grids for Energy Transition congress.  This congress will bring together several experts and researchers from different countries and fields to debate about the technological status and the advances in the electrical sector. The role of the electric grids in the energy […]

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How can sector coupling enable flexibility provision ?

On October 10th, Mehdi Madani and Peter Sels, Grid & Markets consultants, will participate to the first MAGNITUDE Public Workshop, organized by the MAGNITUDE consortium. MAGNITUDE is a H2020 European project that aims to develop business and market mechanisms as well as supporting coordination tools, to provide flexibility to the European electricity system by enhancing […]

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Tackle the complexity in resource management with advanced analytics

Identifying ways to reduce waste and improve resource allocation in complex supply chains and operations is a growing challenge. Innovative technologies, such as solutions using machine learning and optimization algorithms, can help connect the dots and then identify the optimal resource management approaches that are otherwise not apparent. N-SIDE advanced analytics solutions address complicated industry […]

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