Connect with N-SIDE at SCOPE Virtual Summit 2021

N-SIDE is attending SCOPE Virtual Summit for Clinical Ops Executives. SCOPE conference is an opportunity for leaders from large, mid-sized, and small pharma, specialty pharma, biotech, vendor companies, advocacy organizations and academic research centers to come together to share best practices and discuss the new era of analytics-driven and patient-centric trials. The conference’s program is […]

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Overage as an output in clinical trial supply management

One of the most challenging elements in clinical trial supply management is planning correctly for buffer stock or overage. Since randomized clinical trials are inherently uncertain when it comes to patient demand, buffer stock is necessary to ensure that the right medications are on-site for patient dispensing. However, when buffers are not consumed within the […]

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Enlit Europe 2021 – Asset Management for System Operators: The growing challenges and the rise of the AI opportunities

This webinar will be built on real life practices in asset management to describe the main challenges faced by system operators and how advanced analytics, in particular Artificial Intelligence (AI), can be leveraged to overcome them. Current trends, such as the further integration of renewable energies in the electricity network, the ageing of certain network […]

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