Belgian AI Week

Last week was the Belgian AI week, with multiple events organized and many stakeholders/citizens discussing all the aspects of AI, including fairness, ethics, and multiple other exciting topics. N-SIDE is proud to be contributing to the AI expertise in Belgium, by developing innovative solutions, built on AI, in the Energy market and Power Systems world. […]

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Enlit Europe 2021 – Asset Management for System Operators: The growing challenges and the rise of the AI opportunities

This webinar will be built on real life practices in asset management to describe the main challenges faced by system operators and how advanced analytics, in particular Artificial Intelligence (AI), can be leveraged to overcome them. Current trends, such as the further integration of renewable energies in the electricity network, the ageing of certain network […]

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Webinar | From feasible to optimized outage planning: leveraging the power of Advanced Analytics at Elia Transmission Belgium

We had the pleasure of connecting with 66 attendees from 38 companies and 19 countries at our webinar! Anticipating the challenges that come along with the full transition of the energy landscape is becoming crucial for System Operators to continuously guarantee the security of supply for their millions of consumers. More specifically, Outage Planning is […]

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