Today at the Clinical Trial Supply Forum 2019 !

Join us at the Clinical Trial Supply Forum, in Brussels. On May 20th, Sébastien Coppe, Head of Consulting Group at N-SIDE, will be co-presenting with Didier Basseras, Vice President Clinical Supplies at Sanofi-Aventis : “Evolving from Push to Pull Clinical Supply Chain Management with Early Phase Optimization” The participants will learn how to : Optimize […]

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Be ahead of the game : Jump out of our comfort zone !

“Greatness begins beyond your comfort zone!” To celebrate the launch of the N-SIDE Suite for Clinical Trials spring release, we had the honor of meeting Cédric Dumont, extreme athlete and renowned wingsuit flyer. He gave us an engaging speech about High Performance Psychology. We learnt how the right MINDSET, TRUST in oneself and in others and […]

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Launch new innovative software for end-to-end clinical supply chain optimization

*** PRESS RELEASE *** N-SIDE LAUNCHES NEW INNOVATIVE SOFTWARE FOR END-TO-END CLINICAL SUPPLY CHAIN OPTIMIZATION Unique management tool for minimizing costs, drug waste and risk     Belgium, 12th March 2019 / N-SIDE, a global software consulting company specializing in advanced analytics technologies, today announces the launch of the N-SIDE Suite for Clinical Trials. The […]

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Learn how to measure ROI in forecasting clinical supplies at GCSG 2019 !

Join us at the Global Clinical Supplies Group – 2019 US Annual Conference and learn everything about clinical supplies forecasting ! Sébastien Coppe, Head of Consulting Group at N-SIDE will be co-animating, with Eveline Girod-Engelhard (CSL Behring), a workshop on : “Measuring Return on Investment in Forecasting Clinical Supplies” They will discuss the various methods (from calculator […]

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Risk-based optimization for clinical trial supply forecasting – Webinar

“Expecting the Unexpected : Using risk-based optimization for clinical trial supply forecasting” This webinar provides steps you can take with risk-based optimization to future-proof your clinical supply planning. There are many challenges in clinical supply planning, from set-up to trial launch. During trial set-up, the supply strategy needs to align with trial design and internal […]

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