Minmetals Yingkou Medium Plate Co. optimizing its raw material procurement with N-SIDE Steel Cost Optimization solution!

The N-SIDE solution for Steel Cost Optimization (carbon steel) has been successfully implemented at Minmetals Yiingkou Medium Plate Co., Ltd in Liaoning, China, after three on-site visits led by Dr Yale Zhang, Consulting manager. This implementation provides a powerful strategic decision support system for optimizing raw materials procurement and sinter/blast furnace burdens at Minmetals Yingkou Medium Plate Co. plant. Back […]

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Discover several use cases about Artificial Intelligence for Energy.

Meet Guillaume Leclercq, Head of artificial intelligence team, and Maxime Hanot, Energy consultant, at the Meet Up about Artificial intelligence for Industry. Guillaume will explain how N-SIDE is using artificial intelligence on different energy use cases such as : Dynamic sizing of reserves Local energy market Energy Market-coupling (Euphemia) Electricity price forecasts Meet us at […]

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Learn more about Local Energy Markets, meet N-SIDE at FlexCon conference!

Next Monday, November 26, N-SIDE and Centrica will present the Local Energy Market platform currently tested in Cornwall (UK), at the FlexCon conference in Brussels. During their presentation on Day 1, N-SIDE and Centrica will give some insights on the different features of this Local Energy Market. They will also highlight the large scale pilot currently ongoing in […]

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