Clinical Trial Supply

Discover how simulation and forecasting can reduce supply costs and duration of a study while controlling risk!


CT-FAST uses simulation and optimization to provide accurate forecasts and tailored guidance for the supply management of your clinical trials.

  • Quickly simulate large and complex trials to find an optimal strategy
  • Proactively identify specific risk management actions in case the unexpected occurs


CT-FAST features

As soon as a draft protocol is available, CT-FAST helps you take decisions and communicate across departments with quantified results.

CT-FAST helps you schedule your production and setup your IRT parameters, to get the right drug to the right place at the right time and at the lowest cost.

  • By leveraging real-life data from IRT systems, CT-FAST clarifies actions to be taken if the trial does not go as planned, enabling you to achieve a higher service level with less last-minute firefighting.
  • Standard, flexible reporting give you the numbers you need to support your decisions and communicate about your trial.
  • Integrates with all IRT systems and provides input into your ERP


Who is CT-FAST made for?

CT-FAST is designed to specifically answer supply chain management questions for all clinical trials.

Clinical supply managers are the main beneficiaries of our software and services, though others (e.g. clinical department) also stand to gain.


CT-FAST key added value

  • Quantified results support and improve cross-department communication and decision making
  • Standard process is put in place for forecasting and simulating trials with a clear view on all of the inputs used to generate the IP forecast
  • Risk management focus to identify the best supply strategy for safer patients
  • Budgeting and cost savings realized by implementing the optimal strategy for the study

The benefits of CT-FAST are most significant with Phase II / Phase III Clinical Trials, especially for trials displaying important costs (e.g. large international trials, trials with expensive comparators, cold chain …), for complex trials (e.g. multiple depots, titrations, weight-based dispensing …) or when facing constraints (e.g. limited drug availability …).

CT-FAST helps you where conventional tools like Excel spreadsheets or average-based forecasting systems fail.

CT-FAST comes in a range of flavors that will suit companies of varied volume, from a specialized biotech with a few trials per year to the largest pharmaceutical groups.


CT-PRO optimizes your capacity utilization

Production capacity planning for both clinical and commercial manufacturing.

  • Provides traceability from raw material through finished product
  • Measures batch allocation & demand coverage
  • Seamless integration with CT-FAST  


N-SIDE consulting services

N-SIDE consulting services bring expertise developed from simulating and optimizing a large variety of trial designs. We work with our clients to identify key risk management actions, IRT set-up and optimal production planning.  Let us help you identify the optimal strategy suited to the specific needs of your trial.

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