What do you expect from a Clinical Trial Supply Optimization solution?

Unlike a simple forecasting tool, where the expectation is to have an IMP packaging release plan to cover the average demand, you usually start working with a supply optimization software solution to help you to:

  • reduce the trial supply costs
  • minimize drug waste
  • mitigate risk.

Yes, using a clinical trial supply optimization software allows you to achieve all of the above but there are also some unexpected, surprising benefits that have been reported back by our clients and that we would like to share with you.

Top surprising benefits

#1: It’s not just about cost savings

#2: Optimization results go beyond IMP supply plans

#3: Optimization helps planning on a portfolio level

#4: Process improvement happens thanks to clinical trial supply optimization

Different internal process improvements have also stemmed from implementing clinical supply optimization. One type of improvement reported back to us is the standardization of the clinical trial supply forecast process across the CTS department. Having one approach for gathering assumptions and one solution for creating forecasts facilitates this change. Other improvements include challenging the use of rules of thumb for certain IRT parameters or overage levels and driving change in different process lead times and constraints using optimization results.

Stay tuned and discover the #5 surprising benefit next week


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