On the 1st & 2nd of October, N-SIDE will attend the Smart Grid Flexibility conference in London. N-SIDE will be joined by Centrica on Day 2, to present a case-study on how market-clearing algorithms are being applied to build a Local Energy Market platform in the UK (Cornwall).

Through the presentation, Adrien Rosen, Senior consultant at N-SIDE and Sam Wevers, Product manager at Centrica will demonstrate the different features of this Local Energy Market, its benefits and the initial results of the first trades that took place during this summer.


Local Energy Market platform – Case Study 

To help system operators, N-SIDE and Centrica are developing a Local Energy Market platform including state-of-the-art market clearing algorithms. The purpose of the platform is to unlock the potential of flexible resources available at distribution level to support the system operators in their daily tasks. It provides alternatives to grid reinforcement or long term expensive flexible contracts.

This Local Energy Market is the first of its kind to incorporate a market clearing algorithm matching automatically the bids and offers. This approach ensures transparent and welfare maximising solutions, maximising the revenues for the flexible assets owners and decreasing the costs for System Operators

N-SIDE and Centrica are currently testing this innovative solution in a pilot project in Cornwall, UK.


Join Adrien Rosen and Nicolas Stevens at the Smart Grid Flexibility Conference in London