A case study with CSL Behring, recently published in the Clinical Trials Insight summer 2019 edition, describes how drug waste was avoided while at the same time ensuring that there was no risk to patient service levels. CSL Behring clinical supply managers worked collaboratively with N-SIDE strategic consulting services to be prepared for the unexpected events that could occur during a high priority study. The team was able to react quickly thanks to having quantified simulations results in hand for different scenarios. Risk-based optimization and proactively considering the outcomes of different scenarios were also key in driving change to traditional ways of working. N-SIDE supply optimization helped clinical supply managers be prepared even when the enrolment rate surpassed the highest clinical forecast.

CSL Behring clinical supply managers also benefitted from using N-SIDE monitoring dashboards. With real-time data compared automatically to the supply forecast, the dashboards make it easy to see if the trial is within safe boundaries of the current planning. The monitoring dashboards enable visualization at different levels, such as country and depot, to help identify specific actions that need to be taken. Having the monitoring dashboards with real-time data saved time and allowed clinical supply managers more time to focus on other value added activities.

“Using N-SIDE supply optimisation on this high priority study has allowed us to challenge and improve our standard ways of working to reduce drug waste and avoid stock-outs that could result in a missed patient treatment.”  – Patrick McLaughlin, Senior Director, Clinical Trial Supply & IRT, Global Supply Chain Management

In order to reduce drug waste, excessive shipments and rework in clinical trials, it is more important than ever to go beyond clinical supply forecasting and to have the right suite of tools to optimize decision making. With a cutting edge blend of advanced analytics techniques including risk-based optimization, data aggregation, machine learning, business intelligence visualization and integration of real-time data, the N-SIDE Suite for Clinical Trials enables project stakeholders to take safer and more efficient decisions throughout their trial.


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