On October 10th, Mehdi Madani and Peter Sels, Grid & Markets consultants, will participate to the first MAGNITUDE Public Workshop, organized by the MAGNITUDE consortium. MAGNITUDE is a H2020 European project that aims to develop business and market mechanisms as well as supporting coordination tools, to provide flexibility to the European electricity system by enhancing the synergies between electricity, gas and heating/cooling systems.

The purpose of this public workshop is to present the project results, the latest development of the MAGNITUDE tools, and the project real-life case studies (Austria, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, and Sweden). The day is planned with a series of sessions and the participants will have the opportunity to join interactive discussions, and watch MAGNITUDE demonstrations and posters. As active member of this H2020 consortium, N-SIDE will demonstrate the Market simulator, successfully developed thanks to a great collaboration with VITO.


Mehdi Madani and Peter Sels, N-SIDE consultants, will make a demonstration of the Market simulator during the MAGNITUDE public workshop

The Market simulator is built on market designs, associated mathematical models and a market-clearing engine co-developed by N-SIDE and VITO.  It allows to simultaneously clear electricity, gas and heat markets, to fully leverage synergies between energy carriers and drive business innovation in the energy sector as a whole.


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MAGNITUDE, a 3 years H2020 project to leverage synergies between energy carriers!

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