N-SIDE, member of a new SPIRE consortium project, called “BAMBOO”

On Tuesday and Wednesday,11-12/09, N-SIDE was attending the kick-off of the new SPIRE consortium project “BAMBOO” in Brussels. This project aims to Boost new Approaches for flexibility Management By Optimizing process Off-gas and waste use (acronym, BAMBOO). BAMBOO will develop and test new technologies as heat pumps, Organic Rankine cycles,…etc to address energy and resource efficiency challenges in 4 electro-intensive industries (steel, petrochemical, minerals and pulp&paper). The consortium comprises strong industrial participation; 6 large companies as final users and 3 SMEs as technology providers (among which N-SIDE), working with experienced RTOs and supporting entities.

As a result, the project will empower electro-intensive industries to take better decisions to become more competitive by improving energy and raw materials consumption, enhancing process efficiency and environmental performance in terms of CO2 emissions reduction

N-SIDE advanced analytics expertise and business knowledge : A strong contribution to BAMBOO

N-SIDE experience towards large industrial sites like Arcelor Mittal, Sappi, CSA, …and expertise in the latest advanced analytics techniques will be a key contributor to the new BAMBOO project.

By offering innovative solutions, like SCOOP or ENERTOP, N-SIDE enables industrial companies to optimize their decisions by leveraging the value behind their data. ENERTOP is a decision-aid solution to find the optimal production plan by capturing the full value of the energy flexibility. For example, it will address the flexibility challenges of a Pulp and paper industrial site. SCOOP is an integrated value chain optimization tool for steel operation. It will support steel makers’ decisions for optimal procurement, sales and operations strategies.


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