N-SIDE team will join the INFORMS Annual meeting 2019 from October 20 to 23 in Seattle. INFORMS is the leading international association for Operations Research & Analytics professionals. During the 4 days,  thousands of students, professionals, and academicians will come to explore new ideas at the forefront of theory and practice of OR/MS, data science, analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, within the context of applications such as energy, healthcare, manufacturing, supply chain management, …

At N-SIDE, we apply artificial intelligence, machine learning and optimisation technologies to the energy sector and we turn the most complex challenges into business opportunities.  During the first day of the meeting, Damien Denayer, Software engineer, and Olivier Devolder, Energy Director will present a use case on Local Energy Market in the UK. They will demonstrate how to operate such a local market thanks to market clearing algorithms.  On Day 2,  Anthony Papavasiliou, UCL, CORE will explain the Dynamic Dimensioning approach for operating reserves. This innovative method based on machine learning algorithms has been created together by N-SIDE, ELIA and Anthony Papavasiliou. 

Operate a Local Energy Market based on market Clearing algorithms – Use case presentation

Session description: 

 Sunday October 20, Advanced Analytics for Local Energy Markets and Aggregator Business Models – Chair: Anthony Papavasiliou, CORE, UCL

Operate a Local Energy Market (LEM) Based on Market Clearing Algorithms – N-SIDE and Centrica Present their Pioneering Platform Damien Denayer, N-SIDE, Louvain, Belgium, Olivier Devolder To help system operators (SO), N-SIDE and Centrica are developing an innovative Local Energy Market (LEM) platform. Its purpose is to unlock the potential of flexibility at low voltage level and to provide alternatives to grid reinforcement or long term contracts. It includes a market clearing algorithm matching bids and offers, ensuring transparent solutions, maximizing the gains for the flexibility owners and minimizing the costs for SO. The market is being tested in a project in the UK. N-SIDE and Centrica will demonstrate the different features of the LEM, its benefits and the first results.


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Dynamic Dimensioning Approach for Operating Reserves

Session description: 

 Monday October 21, Handling Uncertainty in Power System Operations – Chair: Evangelia Spyrou, Johns Hopkins University.

Dynamic Dimensioning Approach for Operating Reserves: Proof of Concept in Belgium Anthony Papavasiliou, CORE, UCLouvain, Voie du Roman Pays 34, L1.03.01, Louvain la Neuve, 1348, Belgium, [email protected], Kristof De Vos, Nicolas Stevens, Olivier Devolder, James Matthys-Donnadieu We present a new method for the sizing of operating reserves. The talk revisits the current static sizing method applied in Belgium, which determines the required capacity once a year. The presented dynamic sizing method determines the required capacity on a daily basis, using the estimated probability of facing a system imbalance during the next day. This risk is estimated based on historical observations of system conditions by means of machine learning algorithms. A proof of concept is presented for the Belgian system. The implementation of the method is underway by ELIA, the Belgian TSO.


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