Join the N-SIDE team at the 2020 INFORMS Annual Meeting.

  • WHEN? 07 – 13 November, 2020 | Starting time: 8:30AM EST (2:30PM CET)
  • WHERE? This is a virtual event and all content will be available on demand

INFORMS is the leading international association for Operations Research & Analytics professionals. Throughout the week, thousands of students, professionals and academics will explore new ideas at the forefront of theory and practice of OR/MS, data science, analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, within the context of applications such as energy, healthcare, manufacturing, supply chain management, and more.

Do not miss our presentationMarket Design and Algorithm for TSO / DSO Coordination of Congestion Management“, led by Keno Merckx, on November 13. The presentation will be part of the 75 minutes session “Topics in Optimal Power Flow and T&D Coordination” which will take place from 12:30PM until 1:45PM EST (6:30PM – 7:45PM CET), and will include a Q&A at the end.

Keno will introduce the context of the European project Coordinet, as well as highlight why collaboration schemes between transmission system operators (TSOs), distribution system operators (DSOs) and consumers contribute to the development of a smart, secure and more resilient energy system. During his presentation, he will also explain N-SIDE’s role in the Spanish demonstration of the project, what are the different parts of an adequate market design in the context of congestion management, and what are the benefits unlocked by our market-clearing solution.

At N-SIDE, we apply artificial intelligence, machine learning and optimisation technologies to the energy sector and we turn the most complex challenges into business opportunities.

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