POWERGEN India 2021

Discover how N-SIDE is helping energy actors reduce their risks and capture value from increasing market volatility with our advanced analytics solutions.

  • Are you looking to reach better accuracy on supply and load forecasts at your level (solar or wind station, QCA, DISCOM, etc.)?
  • Are you looking to forecast system-wide balance and interconnection flows?
  • Are you looking to maximize the value you can extract from your access to short-term electricity markets?
  • Are you looking to increase your exposure to day-ahead, intraday or real-time prices but are reluctant to take too much risk?

The N-SIDE Time Series Forecasting Platform helps you take optimal decisions from week-ahead to real-time, with a focus on volume and price forecasting. It brings together the latest machine learning technologies together with an important business expertise; this unique combination ensures our forecasts always deliver value to our customers, as we align the machine learning objective with the business need. On top of that it allows our algorithms to reach a high level of interpretability and to avoid the symptomatic blackbox effect of AI.

Two types of forecasting solutions are available on our platform, each with an objective function fine-tuned to your business objective (e.g. minimize error; minimize imbalance cost; minimize number of trades; minimize risk exposure): 

  • Volume Forecasting: wind or solar generation forecast, load forecast, losses forecast, interconnection flow forecast, congestion forecast, imbalance volume forecast, etc.
  • Electricity Price Forecasting: day-ahead price forecast, intraday price forecast, real-time price forecast and market arbitrage forecast between different markets (e.g. day-ahead vs imbalance or day-ahead vs real-time)

Building on our strong expertise in the European market, we are now entering the Indian market and are starting to generate value with local partners. If you are an energy actor (supplier, system operator, QCA, DISCOM, consumer, etc.) active on the Indian market and are interested in increasing your performance, share with us your specific business challenges and see how our solutions can help you overcome them! You’ll see that our solutions can even go beyond forecasting, covering various business objectives (grid maintenance, grid expansion, reserve sizing, etc.).


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