The SmartNet project has entered now its last year of activities and is organising a public workshop on June 20th in Brussels.  

Six months ahead to the end of the project, the aim of this workshop is to provide a detailed dissemination of the results obtained and lessons learned, both from the simulation and cost-benefit analysis on the different coordination schemes, and from the three technological pilots on the three countries (Italy, Denmark and Spain).

During that day, Guillaume Leclercq, Senior Consultant, will give a presentation about “real time market architecture issues“. In this talk, he will discuss the market design dimensions, and show how we apply them for the activation market for balancing and congestion management for the different TSO-DSO coordination schemes. Finally, he will mention the main challenges/trade-offs that are needed.


Check the program & Join the N-SIDE team at the SmartNet Public Workshop on June 20th, in Brussels.


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