The N-SIDE Energy team is back at E-WORLD from February 11 until February 13!

Meet us on our booth 2-238 (Hall 2) to find out how our innovative solutions built on artificial intelligence technologies will power your business or contact us today to schedule a meeting at your best convenience.

This year, we will also have the pleasure to present the following topic: How to avoid the black-box effect of Artificial Intelligence in time series forecasting? 


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At N-SIDE, our team of specialists has developed advanced solutions for key players in the energy sector: TSOs, DSOs, Power Exchanges and Market Actors

Based on cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning, deep learning, optimization & artificial intelligence, N-SIDE solutions solve the most complex energy challenges and turn them into opportunities.

Electricity Price Forecast for Market Actors

Reduce your risk and capture key opportunities on electricity markets thanks to our proprietary energy forecasting platform based on cutting-edge machine learning algorithms. Discover the benefits of our Day-ahead, Intraday and Imbalance price forecasts and request a free trial.

Dynamic Reserves Dimensioning for TSOs

Increase further the reliability, affordability and robustness of your grid with our dynamic reserves dimensioning and probabilistic forecasting tools. 

Market clearing algorithms for European and Local Energy Exchanges

Benefit from leading matching and price discovery algorithms to operate efficiently electricity markets at cross-border, national and local level, maximising welfare in a grid-secured way.

Leverage N-SIDE technology to optimize Transmission/Distribution coordination with smartly designed Local Flexibility Markets.

How to avoid the black-box effect of Artificial Intelligence in time series forecasting? 

Adrien Rosen and Pierre Artoisenet, Senior Consultants in our Energy team will present on February 11 at the Trading & Finance forum (Exhibition Hall 1) the following topic:

How to avoid the black-box effect of Artificial Intelligence in time series forecasting?

Forecasts are a key elements of a heathy portfolio management  and hedging strategy. However, forecasts which are based on the most advanced time series forecasting technologies often come with the drawback of being perceived as black-boxes and produce non intuitive results.

Through this presentation, Adrien Rosen and Pierre Artoisenet will present how the combination of business know-how and the right algorithmic choices can help to avoid the symptomatic AI “black-box effect”.

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