The N-SIDE solution for Steel Cost Optimization (carbon steel) has been successfully implemented at Minmetals Yiingkou Medium Plate Co., Ltd in Liaoning, China, after three on-site visits led by Dr Yale Zhang, Consulting manager.

This implementation provides a powerful strategic decision support system for optimizing raw materials procurement and sinter/blast furnace burdens at Minmetals Yingkou Medium Plate Co. plant.

Back in early 2017, a feasibility study was conducted based on actual operation data at Minmetals Yingkou Medium Plate Co. The results showed great potentials of cost savings for the sinter plant especially from the raw material selection and blending perspective. With great vision and support of the plant senior management, N-SIDE has now implemented the fully customized N-SIDE SCOOP with extended scope to include blast furnaces in its ironmaking plant.

Mr. Sun, Shoujian, The Manager of Procurement Management, officially confirmed:  “The N-SIDE Steel Cost Optimization solution (Scoop)  was fully commissioned and it has been in operation since early September 2018.  Comparing to actual procurement plan of September 2018, the N-SIDE solution shows, under the different raw material procurement conditions, its integrated optimization could reduce the cost of 15-25 CNY per ton of hot metal.   The actual cost savings need to be further audited after the optimization solution is successfully implemented.”

N-SIDE Steel Cost Optimization solution – SCOOP-  covers the entire value chain of steel production, from raw material selection based on quality, price and market availability to end product portfolio. Based on a sophisticated mathematical programming model that unifies both technical and economic constraints, the solution considers simultaneously not only raw material properties, process chemical / thermal balance, gas distribution and product quality, but also raw material prices, operating costs and sales revenue.  N-SIDE SCOOP supports steel makers’ decisions for optimal procurementsales & operations strategies as well as production planning in order to maximize their overall plant profit.

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