Following N-SIDE’s collaboration with CO2logic last year, we determined that the main source of our CO2 emissions was coming from our mobility. Consequently, N-SIDE decided to make the reduction of CO2 emissions a top priority. As a first step, back in November 2019, we offered a sustainable mobility alternative to our employees: the usage of electric scooters for short distance trips. Nonetheless, we kept looking for more ways to improve our sustainable mobility efforts. With this objective in mind, we found that eco-driving has proven to be an effective means in contributing to climate protection and pollution reduction. Therefore, we decided to partner with DrivOlution to offer eco-driving lessons to our employees.

DrivOlution is a company which provides professional training and coaching for a lasting change in driving behavior. The company’s team of specialists are keen in road safety, eco-driving, and sustainable mobility, which makes them a key partner to N-SIDE’s CO2 emissions reduction objective.

Given that many of N-SIDE’s employees do not live close to the headquarters in Louvain-la-Neuve, DrivOlution’s training was ideal to offer eco-driving lessons to those who have no other option than using their cars to reach their workplace on a daily basis. “After learning that the major source of our CO2 emissions is coming from our company cars, we suggested eco-driving lessons as a way to improve this result, and this is what we tried to achieve with DrivOlution”, explains Thomas Peignois, who led the implementation of this initiative at N-SIDE.


Eco-driving in practice

In order to provide an accurate solution based on real-time data, a dongle was placed on fourteen company cars between January and March 2020. This dongle would monitor each participant’s driving behavior and send it to DrivOlution’s team. Every two weeks, a skype call was set between the drivers and a coach, who would share suggestions on how to improve driving behavior. “For the first time since I started driving, I stepped back and analyzed my driving behavior. I saw the gap between what I know I should do and what I really do, and it was very insightful”, said one of the participants of the lessons. 

Sustainability and CO2 neutrality continue to be among N-SIDE’s key objectives. Therefore, as we continue to grow our business, we also continue to look for new and innovative ways to pursue environmental responsibility, and raise employee awareness of our ecological footprint.


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