N-SIDE contributes to aSmartWorld for sustainability and social responsibility

Commitment and collaboration are two of N-SIDE’s core values, which has been put in evidence by our most recent contribution to the startup aSmartWorld. In the framework of our past efforts into raising our employee’s awareness about companies that create a positive impact, our goal is to involve each employee in collaborating towards sustainability and social responsibility, and consequently strengthen our company’s values.

ASmartWorld is a Belgian startup driven by the mission to reduce the quantity of electronic waste and to create local value by setting up a circuit for the repurchase, repair and resale of refurbished smartphones, tablets and computers. The startup thus offers an alternative to new products whilst fomenting environmental awareness.

Moreover, aSmartWorld is currently partnering with the Belgian Red Cross. One out of five refurbished electronic devices is donated freely to the humanitarian organization. The purpose of this recent partnership is to tackle digital division and enable people to connect.

In order to support the partnership between aSmartWorld and the Belgian Red Cross, N-SIDE actively participated in this initiative by giving away seven unused computers to the startup. Following a thorough refurbishment process, including in-depth data cleaning, aSmartWorld ensures a second life to each computer and one of it will be donated freely to the Belgian Red Cross. In addition to this effort at a company-level, N-SIDE also encourages each employee to take part in this initiative.

N-SIDE’s social and environmental commitment

Bcorporation Logo Certification

Back in March 2020, N-SIDE strengthened even more its commitment to provide software solutions & services to optimize the usage of resources by becoming a certified B Corportation. Every day, N-SIDE helps our pharma and energy partners across the world to optimize the use of their resources. Therefore, the B Corp certification is one more way in which we show all our stakeholders that we are also implementing measures in the workplace to align with our social and environmental responsibilities.

Being a software and innovation-oriented company, N-SIDE and its employees work with many computers, tablets and smartphones, many of which can now be repaired and given a second life in order to reduce electronic waste. Additionally, we are attempting to tackle the digital divide that affects and isolates many people, especially during the pandemic.

“As our purpose at N-SIDE is to ensure we participate to build a sustainable world, it’s important for us to reduce our own waste. In addition, it allows us to participate to digital inclusion.”

Jean-Baptiste Mairy, Life Sciences Product Director at N-SIDE

The contribution to aSmartWorld and consequently to the Belgian Red Cross is a clear example of N-SIDE’s concrete actions towards finding a balance between profit and purpose. Furthermore, we believe that it demonstrates that there is a possibility for companies to be profitable whilst pushing forward actions that prove to have a positive social impact and contribute towards a more sustainable future.