N-SIDE 4th Annual User Group Conference took place on April 3-4, in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium.

Our global customers got together for two days of engaging presentations and interactive discussions on best practices and challenges facing clinical trial supply management today.

This conference was also the opportunity to announce the spring release of our new innovative software for end-to-end clinical supply chain optimization : the N-SIDE Suite for Clinical Trials

Discover some highlights of the N-SIDE User Group Conference

  • How clinical supply managers can get a seat at the table with clinical teams during protocol design thanks to optimization results
  • Benefits of having standard processes embedding clinical trial supply optimization early and at key time points throughout the trial
  • How data-driven discussions can improve collaboration with all stakeholders in the end-to-end clinical supply chain management and help achieve getting drugs to patients on time
  • Creating more time for analysis and planning each week by reducing manual checks thanks to real-time trial monitoring dashboards
  • Innovative ways to reduce waste in oncology trialsConference room with many people attending a presentation
  • Insights into building a partnership between in-house users and N-SIDE consulting services during implementation of N-SIDE Suite for Clinical Trials
  • Importance of agility and frequency of realigning clinical trial supply to the real-time data of on-going trials to reducewaste
  • Benefits of performing end-to-end clinical supply chain optimization at the compound level and business cases in optimizing DS/DP/IMP production planning
  • N-SIDE Suite for Clinical Trials spring release demonstrating how :
    • Monitoring trials using live IRT data can be easy
    • Updating the enrollment assumptions, production plans, and depot shipments can be fast
    • Leveraging live IRT data to assess the risk and implement supply chain decisions can be painless
  • Using N-SIDE Suite for Clinical Trials for strategic decision making

Do you want to know more about our unique and innovative software solution to future-proof your clinical supply chain design and planning with end-to-end risk-based optimization?

Discover our N-SIDE Suite for Clinical Trials !


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