Discover the new features available in SCOOP 4.7.:


Redesigned downstream model:

The downstream model has been reinvented with many improved features, including:

    • define multiple production routes in a flexible way for each end product group, starting either from slabs or hot/cold rolling coils;
    • optimize production planning at each facility based on market demand and line capacity;
    • suggest most profitable end product mix as well as most cost-effective production routes;
    • calculate average production cost per product (grade & format) and per production route as well as profit per product and per sales market (for example, domestic or export);

Fine-tuned ferro alloy calculation in steelmaking / refinery model

Chemical composition inputs for each steel grade are now made easier to compute ferro-alloy consumption more precisely.


Enhance power plant model

The power plant is now equipped with a more sophisticated model representing power/steam generation processes by taking into account boilers and turbines characteristics and steam optimization.


Completely new cost reporting tools:

User experiences is much improved by a complete set of newly designed reporting tools, which consists of:

    • fully customized cost and profit reports at each plant for each key equipments (e.g. coke batteries, sinter machines, blast furnaces, steelmaking shops, etc.);
    • the average production cost is now calculated per steel grade and per format;
    • chemical balance (e.g. iron balance, S balance, etc.) are automatically computed and reported per compound for sinter plants, blast furnaces and steelmaking shops;
    • structured data visualization for downstream production and utilization by product group, by facility, or by production route.


In addition, the SCOOP user interface supports Russian language now!


SCOOP always helped us taking strategic decisions but also for the raw materials purchasing, resulting in a decrease of the slab production cost, so we did not think twice before renewing the support and maintenance and migrate to the latest version : 4.7.

Guilherme Liziero Ruggio da Silva
Technical Consultant in mineral coals and coke plant
SCOOP Team Manager

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