N-SIDE is happy to announce the release of SCOOP 5.0, its integrated business process optimization solution for the heavy industry (Steel, … etc.).  

In addition to increased performance, more detailed costing reports and enhanced process modeling capabilities, SCOOP 5.0. now  introduces a new Business Intelligence module for easy visualisation of your data and expedited decision-making!  

Visualize and deep dive in your data

The Business Intelligence dashboard (BI) is directly linked with the SCOOP solution and allows you to visualize and explore your SCOOP analysis data through dynamic & interactive dashboards and reports.  

The user-friendly interface is composed with graphs and KPIs, where you can directly observe the links between data, zoom on a specific item to discover additional details, or easily navigate from one result to another.  

Starting from a global executive summary dashboard, you can drill down to specific parts of the plant (production, finance, procurement, etc.).  

Sample of standard dashboards:

  • Raw material usage
  • Process parameters and products quality
  • Financial reports 
  • Environment & utilities

Additionally it is fully customizable, and can combine data from SCOOP solution with data from other sources (ERP systems, etc.).

Easily share insights for better decision-making

With this interface, its becomes easier to communicate the outputs of the scenarios and  to accelerate decision making.  

The Business Intelligence dashboard is accessible from anywhere, by any platform (computer, tablet or smartphone, etc.), and to everyone with a authorized access to ensure full security of your data.  No need of technical SCOOP knowledge to navigate within the analysis results.  Management can now directly visualize and deep dive within the data.  To facilitate communication of results, the Business Intelligence module also offers intelligent export of graphs that can easily be used in presentation.

Implementation of SCOOP 5.0 and the Business Intelligence module already started at our customer sites worldwide.  

csn-logoCompanhia Siderurgica Nacional (CSN) and Companhia Siderurgica do Atlantico (CSA) are the first to start with new SCOOP 5.0.!  They have just received an on-site workshop on the new Business Intelligence module. We are happy to continue our successful collaboration.

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