N-SIDE is proud to sponsor, as every year, the 33th annual conference of the Belgian Operations Research Society (ORBEL).  The ORBEL is a Member of EURO, the association of European OR Societies, and Belgian representative of IFORS(International Federation of OR Societies).

The conference is intended as a meeting place for researchers, users and potential users of Operational Research, Statistics, Computer Science and related fields. It provides managers, practitioners and researchers with a unique opportunity to exchange information on quantitative techniques for decision making.

This year’s meeting (ORBEL33) will take place in Hasselt at Hasselt University (UHasselt), and will be organised by the Research Group Logistics.

N-SIDE will hold a session on: Trend  in the industry: more SME’s are turning to Operations Research.

At N-SIDE, we have observed that more and more SME’s are facing challenges that require operations research to be solved efficiently. A few years ago, N-SIDE was contacted mainly by big industrial players. Nowadays,N-SIDE has more and more demands from SME’s.

N-SIDE will present several industrial challenges faced by small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) how N-SIDE used Operations Research to successfully tackle those challenges.

Examples of applications:

  • Optimal planning of electric vehicles to maximize the usage of renewable energy sources.

This application considers forecasts of the generation of electricity from solar panels on a building, the need of electricity for each vehicles of a fleet and optimizes the charging of the batteries to use as much solar electricity as possible while respecting the battery charging cycles.

  • Optimal design of micro grids to minimize the global CO2 footprint.

Indeed, a micro grid that is over-engineered with respect to the local energy demand will generate CO2 for its construction that will not be compensated by the local demand.

  • Optimal scheduling of people transportation in the healthcare sector.

How can we plan vehicles and drivers to pick people from their home to their health center to serve as many people as possible ?

  • Optimal time scheduling and classes allocation for an hospitality management school

How can we best facilitates the allocation of students to lectures and workshops in a well know hospitality management schools with complex production constraints in order to increase the quality of the classes while not building more classrooms with expensive equipments

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