On June 7 2019, technical issues in the day-ahead auction caused a partial decoupling of the European Market Coupling (Multi-Regional Coupling). As a consequence, local auctions have been run for the following markets: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany-Luxembourg, Great Britain (GB2) and the Netherlands.

EPEX SPOT, one of the European power exchanges, followed the decoupling procedures and published the local results. The technical issues have been identified and fixed in a very short time by EPEX SPOT team.

As the provider of the European Market Coupling algorithm EUPHEMIA, N-SIDE support team didn’t have to react on this incident. The encountered technical issues were indeed not related to the algorithm. However, we would like to express our full support to EPEX SPOT team. Together, we are constantly working to guarantee high reliability standards for the market coupling processes, and will continue to do so.