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Outage Planning Optimization

To overcome the growing complexity of Outage Planning due to the integration of Renewable Energy Sources, Elia and N-SIDE have jointly developed an innovative decision-support optimization software. This fully customizable solution is allowing a more agile, more integrated and more optimal planning of grid interventions and related outages.

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Artificial Intelligence

Deep understanding and expertise in the energy sector accumulated by working with different stakeholders of the Energy value chain(TSOs, DSOs, Power exchanges, Prosumers)

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Electricity Price Forecast Products

The use of accurate electricity price forecasts based on machine learning technologies and high energy business expertise allows market participants to make the most of their risk exposure and tap into new sources of revenues.

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Enlit Europe 2021

What will you learn?

  • The latest advancement in Advanced Analytics for asset management, with concrete examples in Europe at Transmission and Distribution level
  • A real-life example of advanced analytics use case applied by a European TSO in the context of Outage Planning
  • How a leading DSO is leveraging AI in other areas of asset management to create an impact

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AI in Energy forecasting: how to avoid the black-box effect?

Forecasting of time-series has taken a significant importance for a wide range of actors:

  • for a system operator to minimise the operational costs of running the grid
  • for an asset owner to support them in the management of their technical constraints
  • for a portfolio manager to mitigate financial risks

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Leveraging the power of Advanced Analytics at Elia Transmission Belgium

What will you learn:

  • The main challenges faced by System Operators in the context of Outage Planning
  • How Advanced Analytics can help System Operators to manage the growing complexities and move from a feasible Outage Planning to an optimal one?
  • The details of the solution developed by Elia and N-SIDE through a unique example and how it is concretely being implemented in Elia’s operational processes
  • The key benefits and results that come along with the use of Advanced Analytics for Outage Planning

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