A new deliverable describing network and market clearing models for the different TSO-DSO coordination schemes is out!

N-SIDE, recognized as an expert in market clearing algorithms (thanks to Euphemia – Market clearing algorithm), has developed and implemented the algorithms required to clear the market in the different TSO-DSO configurations (e.g. centralized vs decentralized).

Interested to know more about N-SIDE contribution to SmartNet project and how we developed market clearing algorithm ?


Read the N-SIDE SmartNet presentation

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As a reminder, SmartNet is an H2020 funded project investigating how the flexibility from DER can be optimally leveraged by TSO and DSOs to procure various ancillary services (balancing, congestion).  Understand the relevance of the project in the SmartNet Workshop video that has been shot during the latest workshop in Firenze in October. Guillaume Leclercq, Head of AI group at N-SIDE, is sharing his opinion ( min 1.23). The final event of SmartNet will take place in Arona (Italy) on May 16th!


Join us at the final Smartnet event in Arona on May 16th

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