Industrial Energy Flexibility Optimization

The Challenge

Capture the full value of energy flexibility

Nowadays, the global energy mix has a growing share of intermittent electricity generation. The supply-demand balance in the electricity grid becomes increasingly challenging to achieve. It results in higher volatility in electricity prices and stronger needs for ancillary services/reserves.

In this context, the key challenge for industrial sites to remain competitive is not only “How to reduce electricity consumption?” but more and more “How to consume or produce electricity in a smarter way?”.

Moreover, industrial sites have to deal with an increasing amount of data and complexity of site energy structure. Being able to leverage available data and capture the value of the plant energy flexibility becomes a key competitive advantage!

The Solution

Identify, Valorize and Increase flexibility!

As a key actor in advanced analytics and expert in energy optimization, N-SIDE offers a complete range of flexibility optimization services and solutions to help you capture the full value of your energy flexibility!

Since each industry has its own process specificities and constraints, particular objectives and level of flexibility maturity, N-SIDE proposes a three-steps approach to identify, valorize and optimize your energy flexibility through progressive change management and true partnership.

Identify flexibility:  On-site Audit
N-SIDE primary objectives are:

  • to identify flexibility sources in the different parts of the plant by reviewing the different processes
  • to determine the flexibility parameters and associated constraints
  • to define how to leverage flexibility sources.

By reaching these objectives, N-SIDE will be able to provide you a detailed assessment of technical and economic potential of your energy flexibilities.

Valorize flexibility:  ENERTOP platform
ENERTOP platform is a decision-aid solution deployable on different time horizons from strategic to real-time operations.The advanced analytics algorithms provide you with optimal production and CHP schedules enabling to convert plant flexibility into real savings on different electricity markets.

ENERTOP provides a user-friendly web interface with a dashboard displaying key information like optimized energy costs, overall consumption and production. Recommendations are provided to operate the flexible processes optimally.

Increase flexibility:  Strategic consulting

Through a joined flexibility taskforce approach, N-SIDE is able to increase your flexibility potential by optimizing choices in terms of investments on new assets or technologies (e.g. power2heat, power2gas, physical storage, batteries, …) and in terms of electricity contracts/market exposure.


Identify flexibility

On-site Audit

Valorize flexibility

ENERTOP platform

Increase flexibility

Strategic consulting

N-SIDE is your trusted partner to support you along
the exciting journey of energy flexibility.


Price Forecasts:

Predict electricity prices on different markets for a strong visibility on the upcoming flexibility incentives.

Production Planning:

Optimize your production planning for coming days to leverage volatility on spot electricity prices.

Nomination Optimization:

Generate electricity nominations on a daily basis that minimizes your electricity costs based on D-1 spot and imbalance price forecasts.

Real-Time Imbalance Optimization:

Adapt in real-time your load profile to leverage opportunities on the balancing market

Reserve Market Optimization:

Assess the best bidding strategy for the plant on reserve markets.

The Results

Smarter electricity consumption and production!

Assess the best strategy for the plant on reserve markets
Optimize load and CHP planning to minimize electricity costs
Generate Optimal day-ahead nominations based on spot price and imbalance price risks
Optimize real-time imbalance management at plant level
Optimize real-time activations management with tracking of reserve market commitments


of savings on electricity bill (commodity)


of ENERTOP recommendations converted into actions


of flexibility opportunities captured with Machine Learning Forecasts

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Together in a partnership with EnergyVille, N-SIDE is bringing innovation from research stage to real world applications in order to develop and optimize the energy markets of tomorrow!

Daan Six, EnergyVille Research Domain Leader Energy Markets

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We have now a one year experience with ENERTOP. It helps our operators on a daily basis to plan the pulp production in an optimal way, based on a forecast of spot market prices for electricity. The cooperation with N-side during this project was excellent. They understand very well the needs of the customer.

Christiaan Geers, Manager RM/Utilities

— They trust us —



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